How To Build A Chicken Coop

Build A Chicken Coop

How To Easily Build An Attractive And Affordable Backyard Chicken Coop

3 Tips Before You Begin To Build A Chicken Coop

Planning to build a chicken coop? Want to do it quickly, cheaply, and effectively?  Here are  3 tips before you begin, and in a few short days you too can easily build a chicken coop, even if you have no skills!

I really enjoy the fresh eggs we get. Building a chicken coop and raising chickens isn’t as difficult as you may think. Before I began my own backyard chicken ranch, I researched a few books on the matter.

What I found may be of interest to you too before you grab a blueprint and hammer. Below are 3 tips before you begin and what you’ll need to know about raising and caring for chickens; how pre-planning to build a chicken coop can help do it quicker, cheaper, and proper.

1. Plan The Entire Inside Before You Build A Chicken Coop

Take time planning to build a chicken coop before you begin hammering. Many make mistakes are made by building to early and then finding out it’s to small for the things that goes inside the coop. Remember that the measurements that you get in terms of total free space are just that – free space.  If you start adding the feeders, the waterers, the perches, and so on, this will take away from the total amount of free space you have, making your chickens feel crowded.

Here are a few books I reviewed and my opinion on them.

Build A Chicken Coop Building A Chicken Coop by Ken Keene $29I was really surprised by the immense amount of information that was provided for building coops and raising and caring for chickens in this one source for $29. There are several PDF files or Bonuses about chickens that are attached to this purchase price. I didn’t care for the sales page and hype but if you can be realistic, the over-all package is the best compared to what is given in the books below; as you’d have to purchase almost all of them to get the same amount of information as this one. All downloadable.
Build A Chicken Coop Building Chicken Coops for DummiesA great book for building your first coop. It is full of various types of coops with blueprints, materials list, construction, and positioning tips. Nothing about raising or caring for chickens.
Build A Chicken Coop Build A Chicken Coop in 3 Days $37Another great book for building a coop and raising chickens. It is full of various types of coops too with blueprints, materials list, construction, and positioning tips – even videos. Again too this has a lot of hype but is worth more than purchasing several individual books and plans. All downloadable.
Build A Chicken CoopRaising Chickens for Dummies – $14 for Paperback +S/HI thought this was a great book on raising and caring for chickens. Just under 400 pages from how to choose chickens, housing types, feeding, breeding and managing to butchering meat birds.
Build A Chicken Coop Chicken’s In Your Backyard: A Beginner’s Guide – $14 for Paperback +S/H

2. Make Sure You Give Your Chickens Enough Light

Do Not build a chicken coop in the shade. Chickens like light so you need to be sure to give them enough total light even if you need to add windows throughout the coop. Do not install them to low to shine directly on them as it makes them feel uncomfortable. Consider the direction of the sun and how it shines on the coop and then focus the windows on that side of the coop.

Prefabbed Chicken Coops – Wood, Plastic, & Portables from $109

Build A Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Mart

3. Don’t Build Your Coop To Small

One of the biggest mistakes made is the size of the hen house or coop. This time count the chickens before they hatch and plan the size of your coop to the number of chickens you will eventually raise. You’d be wise to build a chicken coop slightly larger than you think you’ll need. Chickens in small and crowded areas, will peck on each other, and disease and death of your chickens can be a headache. Some commercial chicken farms place a metal clip on the beaks of the chickens to reflect images that prevents this behavior.

Following these tips as you plan to build a chicken coop may seem quite intricate, but breaking it down into manageable steps becomes easily handled and of course saving time and money. The whole process to actually build a chicken coop could be accomplished over a weekend.

My Favorite 2 Choices

These two offers have more than just coop plans and instructions. They both include the care, health, and how to raise chickens from hatch-lings to adult. They are both all-in-one sources for backyard chickens and, both have a 100% guarantee to your satisfaction or your money back! Just look past the sales hype, make a choice and enjoy the fresh eggs like we do . . . yum!

Build A Chicken Coop Building A Chicken Coop by Ken Keene $29

Build A Chicken Coop Build A Chicken Coop in 3 Days $37


A Few Helpful Reviews and Additional Links of Mine


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Building A Chicken Coop or Hutch?

Building A Chicken Coop or Hutch?

Building a chicken coop smaller is called a hutch and is ideal if you’re only considering keeping a chicken or two, total. Building a chicken coop small (or hutch) will do the job and is . . .

  • cheaper to build
  • quicker to build
  • easier to maintain
  • less time consuming

A hutch can be easily placed inside a chicken coop or run. And a hutch is easier to find a good location for.

Chicken Hutch

Chicken Hutch

Building a chicken coop small is easier to maintain especially for the chicken sh– poop! But don’t build to close to your house as it can smell worse in the summer time than the winter. for building plan and material list.


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Plans To Build A Chicken Coop Cheap, Quick, and Right

Plans To Build A Chicken Coop Cheap, Quick, and Right

Like I said earlier, when I started to envision having and raising chickens, I was imagining how I wanted my coop to look like. And then when I really got serious I wanted to choose from the best plans to build a chicken coop cheap, quick, and right. I found help with this download book called “Building A Chicken Coop” by Ken Keene. Click here for Ken’s official website.

This easy-to-read guide is a must have if you are serious and want to save as much as you can to build a chicken coop. Regardless of what you can afford, the best plans to build a chicken coop will offer:

Build A Chicken Coop

Building A Chicken Coop – A step by step easy to read guide

    • designs
  • blueprints
  • list of building materials
  • step-by-step “how to” guide
  • maintenance instructions

I found it easy to first decide on how much what I wanted spend; a design that would fit in with my neighborhood; and building materials that would make my hen house and chicken run look and feel natural in our yard.

Your hen house or “coop” as it is called should be made of materials that fit your climate, whether wood or plastic. The chicken run is a wire pen attached to the coop for the chickens to exercise, scratch and peck. Click here for a 3D view of a of a coop and run.

How To Build A Chicken Coop 6 Suggestions

I finally found the best plans to build a chicken coop book with a step-by-step guide, and these are the 6 things I got from the book “Building A Chicken Coop” by Ken Keene. for FREE REPORT.

1. Plan Before You Build

This means the inside as well as the outside. Chickens are messy and stinky so I was able to choose materials that I could easily clean and disinfect. Some like to hose out their coop and that can make a real problem if you don’t have some place to hose the manure to; I prefer to use wood shaving and composting. I had to consider these items that go inside a coop:

  • Number of Chickens – Where I live, zoning limited us to 6 chickens. Consider your Zoning if applicable. It’s easier to build larger than you need to start then it is to try and “remodel” to increase the number of chickens.
  • Feeders
  • Heating and/or Cooling, Insulation
  • Watering Instruments
  • Perches
  • Nests

2. Make Your Chicken Coop Fit In Your Surroundings

The coop should blend into the neighborhood and especially your own yard. Color, design, and location should be carefully considered before you begin building.

3. Ventilation and Odor Control

Keep the coop or hen house well ventilated or you will find that as the chickens poop the ammonia created by the decaying manure can cause health problems for the chickens and yourself. Windows can help with both lighting and ventilation.

4. Feeders and Waterers

Build Your Own Chicken Coop

Build Your Own Chicken Coop

My neighbor went out and purchased a ready-made coop and attached pen area to hold about 4-5 chickens. It really was very expensive and very small! Half of the chickens were dead within 6 months. The watering pan was on the ground and the chickens not only walked through the water, scratched dirt into it, but pooped in it too. Feed is just thrown in the pen area each day. Feeders and water trays should not be left on the floor of the coop or pen areas, but raised up enough so the chickens have to reach up to feed and drink.

5. Location, Location, Location

Don’t build your coop in the shade! Chickens are most happy when in the sunlight. Follow the direction of the sun and build your coop with windows that face it; however don’t let the sunlight shine directly on the chickens and use windows that can open for ventilation. Use good interior lighting so the chickens will keep laying all year round.

6. Protecting Your Flock

Building your coop and pen where the soil is firm and easily drained from incriminate weather will protect the chickens from diseases and other animals. The pen or chicken wire should be placed at least a foot deep into the ground to protect the chickens from dogs, cats, wolves, ect., as they will dig under the fence to get to them.

If this seems far more complicated than you expected, you can opt Build A Chicken Coop For Dummiesfor a ready-made coop or prefabricated kit which are available online. However, if you are handy and want the fun of building a coop – For about $20 bucks I got more than  expected, and the best plans to build a chicken coop I found were from “Building A Chicken Coop” by Ken Keene.

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